JADE presents "Vivo"

Thursday February 14, 19:00

Jadel presents a collection of themes from her work "Vivo"

Of careful production and blunt sound, an elegant trap with influences of hip-hop, soul and R & B where the Canarian artist shows off his incredible compositional talent in addition to his already known interpretive quality.

After releasing her first album of "Llévame" in 2016, Jadel immersed herself in the composition of the themes that are part of her new work, entering the most crude urban genre without forgetting the vocal harmonies inherent in her artistic personality. Produced by Equisman - referring to the national hip-hop scene and responsible for successes such as Haze's "The price of fame" - and recorded in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, "Vivo" brings us 10 songs destined to consecrate Jadel's career within of the panorama of the patriotic trap.

"Vivo" is, without a doubt, the crucible where all the artistic concerns of Jadel come together. Since it became known in 2012 after winning the talent show "The number one", Jadel has developed a multifaceted career that has led him to star in musicians such as "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Jesus Christ) or "Evita" (Che) without forget his compositional facet contributing successes to the repertoires of other artists such as Gemeliers. It has the recognition of the artistic community, having worked with artists of the stature of Natalia de La Quinta Estación, David Bustamante, Franco de Vita, Carlos Rivera and Luis Fonsi, being their collaboration in the song "Viven" by Rasel, widely broadcast in the musical chains of our country.