G-Star Raw lands in Nevada Shopping

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Innovative and avant-garde fashion

New openings don't stop at Nevada Shopping. The goood weather arrives and it is time to renew the wardrobe for the new season. And what better way to do it with the latest fashion proposal that has landed in our commercial gallery. The innovative and avant-garde style of G-Star Raw is already a palpable reality for those who love to dress in a risky way, with rough finishes and in line with the latest urban trends. Jeans and pants, tops and jackets, footwear and accessories are some of the main proposals offered by the brand. However, we encourage you to visit in person your new store so you can discover everything first-hand.

The G-Star concept was created in 1989 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), where it currently maintains its headquarters. Over the years, the brand evolved to create new subsidiaries, including G-Star Raw, the last grand opening of Nevada Shopping. The concept of the company has always revolved around denim: urban cowboys fused with high-level craftsmanship is one of its most distinctive hallmarks. To this we must add the adoption of architectural and three-dimensional concepts applied to pieces of clothing, which is another strong point of the brand.

In addition, another feature of G-Star Raw is its commitment to the sustainable materials used in the making of its pieces and collections: organic cotton, recycled cotton, ecological hemp and lino, and recycled wool are some of the most prominent and abundant in their clothes. However, the best thing is that you are the one who judges in person all you will find once you cross their doors. We will wait for you!