Iberico & Co, the new Shop-Bar of Nevada Shopping

  • iberico and co inauguración nevada shopping

A new concept of thematic-gastronomic space

The new restaurant of Nevada Shopping, Iberico & Co, emerges as a new business concept based on grouping part of the most select Spanish cuisine and above all healthy and natural, fleeing all industrial and certifying the origin. In other words, Iberico & Co is a shop and restaurant, oriented to the "Premium" customer, which, without neglecting the price, focuses its attention on the quality of the product, with which it is very demanding, incorporating, for the first time, The QR code in all the products exposed for sale so that the customer can check through his mobile all the traceability of this from its origin, as well as its elaboration, feeding ... etc.

Iberico & Co aims to evoke hospitality and friendliness in a welcoming environment, not only for gastronomy, but also for sounds, images, information ... As if they were in a thematic-gastronomic space. So you know, if you love good food, this is your corner of Nevada Shopping.