Nevada Shopping with Juan Miguel Fidel in the Africa Merzouga Rally

  • Nevada Shopping con Juan Miguel Fidel en el Afriquia Merzouga Rally

The mall sponsors the Escudería Melillense Delfi Sport

The South of Morocco has become the setting for the eighth edition of the Merzouga Rally Africa. Among all its competitors, highlights Juan Miguel Fidel of Escudería Melillense Delfi Sport. Positioned as one of the great favorites of the event, his team also has the sponsorship of the shopping mall Nevada Shopping.

And is not for less. The driver has already managed to reach the podium in the first stage of the rallly and has won with the victory in the third stage. Triumphs that we are sure will be repeated throughout the stage until its completion on 12 May.

In addition, this edition of the 2017 Afriquia Merzouga Rally starts for the first time with the patronage of His Majesty King Mohamed VI. An honor that proves the important value that has reached the event in recent years.

Updated 16/05/2017

With the first rays of sun the 35 Buggies lined up under the large dunes of dry yasmina lake in the Erg Chebbi, to start the sixth and final day of the 70km Merzouga Dakar Series Special Rally that started with a spectacular style exit "Le Mans", in which our Melilla driver Delfi Sport departed with the intention of giving much gas and demonstrate their experience in dunes. Few options had podium for the penalties received because of specific faults in previous stages but fought to the end jumping the large ridges formed by the storms of these days.
Today they went online together with the other Buggies with the mentality to give it all and to demonstrate again the great pilot that is in dunes. And so it was, a spectacular departure, typical of a Grand Prix, put Juanmi fourth behind Frenchman Henricy Frederic, who for 8 km of dunes made a nice battle, until our copilot Isidro Cuadrado, began to sail under an established strategy, which Gave result and was put in head during great part of race. Finally I entered 6th position to lower the pace since it did not support one of the front kneecaps.
In general, another impeccable race without errors of navigation, with a great demonstration of piloting by all type of desert lands and facing official teams with a great mechanical and economic support in the most international and competitive rally of all the editions of this Merzouga Rally Dakar Series. Recognize the great work of the assistance, which were as each year, giving full coverage at all times to the team.