The trendiest youtubers visit Nevada Shopping

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The first great concentration of youtubers in Granada

Granada has hosted this weekend for the first time a concentration of youtubers. The Nevada Shopping Mall has been the venue chosen by the TMDay association to celebrate a face-to-face between the influencers of the network and its subscribers.

Carla Laubalo next to Josemayutu, and the Grenadians Zeus Santorini, Alma and Doble A have become, from the 18 hours, any afternoon in a very special event for some adolescents of the city. However, around 16:30 hours were already numerous young people who began to approach the Mall Shopping Nevada to meet their idols. The nerves were skin-deep, and laughter reigned in the vicinity of the center.

Youtubers and subscribers have chatted for several hours, so anecdotes and stories traced the afternoon thread. The problems that go through the youtubers and that are able to transmit to the camera make many of the adolescents who are in a complicated age have a referent.