mini one

¡Congratulations Mariola!

Once again at Nevada Shopping we celebrated Christmas with an incredible raffle of a Mini ONE! There have been many people who have participated in this draw whose standards were very easy. To qualify for the prize, it has only been necessary to present a ticket or invoice -from the start...

mini one nevada
Juan Luis already enjoys his new car

This Thursday, January 4, we had the pleasure of announcing the second winner of a Mini One raffle at the hand of the Mini Ilbira Motor dealer. His name is Juan Luis, and he has been chosen through a public drawing done before a notary with all the legal guarantees.


mini one nevada
The raffle was held before a notary on Thursday, November 23 at Nevada Shopping

Cristina García Gonzalez has been the winner of the first draw of a Mini One by the hand of the Mini Ilbira Motor dealer. The name of the winner has been announced at Nevada Shopping this Thursday, November 23 at 7:30 p.m. A draw made...