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Congratulations to number 37142!

One more year Christmas has been accompanied by great surprises at Nevada Shopping: the visit of Santa Claus, the arrival of the Magi and many more activities for the whole family. Among them, highlights the traditional draw of Tu Megacesta that once again has offered participants...

¡Congratulations Mariola!

Once again at Nevada Shopping we celebrated Christmas with an incredible raffle of a Mini ONE! There have been many people who have participated in this draw whose standards were very easy. To qualify for the prize, it has only been necessary to present a ticket or invoice -from the start...

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Juan Luis already enjoys his new car

This Thursday, January 4, we had the pleasure of announcing the second winner of a Mini One raffle at the hand of the Mini Ilbira Motor dealer. His name is Juan Luis, and he has been chosen through a public drawing done before a notary with all the legal guarantees.


mini one nevada
The raffle was held before a notary on Thursday, November 23 at Nevada Shopping

Cristina García Gonzalez has been the winner of the first draw of a Mini One by the hand of the Mini Ilbira Motor dealer. The name of the winner has been announced at Nevada Shopping this Thursday, November 23 at 7:30 p.m. A draw made...

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This year El Niño arrives to Granada

This Christmas Nevada Shopping has a very special new local ...It's Tu Mega Cesta Nazarí !

Tu Mega Cesta offers you the possibility of winning fantastic prizes through the purchase of a ballot. At the same time, you collaborate with...